E-Wallet offers end-to-end solutions to all your secure mobile payment needs.E-Wallet Africa Ltd is working under nine different but integrated areas of Information Technology.The following are the range of services that we offer to our customers:

Mobile Financial Services
Ewallet offers interconnected solutions to help you develop, deploy and manage payments via mobile that suit any business model. Our mobile financial services are interconnected and comprehensive making it easy, reliable and secure mode of financial services and allows you to create a new source of sustainable revenue. We offer

  • Mobile wallet solutions
  • Payment gateways

Payment Solutions
There is no need for your clients and customers to bring in cash or sign receipts when all of it can be done easily through our mobile payment solutions. Our mobile payment solutions eliminate the use of cards and offer payment solutions via mobile making payments much more personal, secure, reliable and quick.

Systems Integration
Systems integration is the complex process of bringing together hardware, software, telecommunications, and people to apply Information Technology to solve business problems

Today, in every organization, IT is a complex mix of technologies, platforms and applications. This inhibits the free-flow of information across the organization, which in turn reduces an organizations’ competitiveness. The future holds more of the same. Innovations in technology are happening at warp speed.

An integration solution enables new business models without having to rip and replace existing systems, allowing businesses to transform themselves and quickly roll out new projects. Finding the right integration solution can be challenging, but doing so allows organizations to improve their business operations as well as derive greater value from distributed systems, applications, services, and software. Moreover, a robust integration solution provides businesses with all the resources they need in order to be successful regardless of industry or use case.

With a solutions-oriented approach, e-Wallet works to provide clients with results, not simply technologies. From initial system design, e-Wallet focuses on long term systems, network and database requirements, identifying solutions which provide scalability and working to implement technologies within the frame work of the existing environments.

Do you have an already existing payment system and want to integrate mobile payments to it? Our experts will take care of all the minute details associated with system integration. With our services, you get seamless system integration and work towards your clients’ satisfaction.

Service Aggregation
Do you operate a business that requires integration with multiple payment providers? E-Wallet is your one-stop center where you can integrate with all mobile money platforms and banks. Aggregate all your payment from multiple channels through our services to make it easy to manage. There is now no need to look for multiple payment solutions when all of it can be done at one place.

Tailored Software Development
We offer powerful, tailored and one of a kind software development services to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our skilled specialists will make the best product to meet the individual needs of your business staying within your budget and time constraints.

Value Added Service Applications (VAS)
We believe in offering our customers not only the mainstream services, but offer an array of Value Added Service Applications as well. Our Value-Added Service Applications vary from client to client based on their individual needs.

ICT Consultancy
Our team of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable consultants is here to help you get the best of your IT. The consultancy services range from upgrading your current network to more cost-effective and responsive infrastructure, based on the individual case scenarios.

Smart Cards and its applications
We develop smart cards for diverse applications. We have invested in technology that provides automated solutions based on smart cards. We offer our high-end smart card technology, platforms and associated applications that integrate technology and offer an all-round smart solution for our clients. Our smart card services include but are not limited to Access management system, Parking slots/access management, Hotel rooms access management system)

Integrating Online services with mobile money platforms
At Ewallet, we aim to provide our clients the means to receive and send secure instant payments to and from anywhere via mobile. You will be able to accept and make payments directly from mobile devices making it quick and easy for your business.

Bulk SMS Notifications
Use our premium mass text messaging service to send SMS to your staff, suppliers and customers. Our low-cost bulk SMS notifications are the ideal low cost solution to send mass messages to make the most impact.

You don’t need to worry about receiving, tracking and making mobile payments when Ewallet does it all for you. We are integrated with all the major payment modules and support many modes of payment. Get a quick and easy solution to make mobile payments with us.

Collect without Complexity
No need to worry anymore about how and when you are going to get paid for the services. Instead, focus on running your business. With our state of the art solutions for collecting payments, you will not have any payment delayed. With our feature-rich solutions, it will be easy for your business to accept mobile payments in a secure manner.

Make Payments in a Hassle-Free Manner
Whether is it property tax payment, app payments, school payments or any other type, with Ewallet you get an integrated solution to make easy mobile payments anywhere anytime. No need to fret anymore as Ewallet takes care of all the aspects from making payments to receiving them and make the process an easy task.

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ePay supports

  • visa
  • Master card
  • Mestro Card
  • Paypal
  • JCB
  • Club

Payment modules

  • OsCommerce
  • Megento
  • virtueMart
  • Drupal
  • Presta shop
  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • zencart

App Payment