E-wallet makes use of an integrated platform offering high-end capabilities that ensure secure payments. Our developers have taken care of all aspects related to making secure and fast mobile payments to offer convenience to our customers from all walks of life.

Technologies We Use
To provide our clients the best mobile payment solutions, we make use of the following technologies.

For Core Programming
J2EE (Java for Enterprise Edition): Our experts have years of experience working with J2EE. Use our services to align with your industry needs, improve the portability of your applications and increase the productivity of the developers with our high-end J2EE solutions.

For Database
Ewallet offers secure, scalable and highly managed database solutions that provide a secure platform to deliver data to the end-users. From simple one time deployments to complex solutions, our experts can take care of all. We offer managed database services based on

  • MySQL
  • Oracle

For Mobile Apps
We love taking ideas and turning them into workable, highly responsive and creative mobile apps. We have a team of highly skilled, expert, creative and passionate mobile app developers who make use of the latest technology to build apps that help take your business to new heights.

  • Unix, Windows and Android OS
  • Web 2.

For Web
We help you build web solutions for your business. Our web solutions are tailored to your needs and help you take your business to the next level. These fully integrated web solutions are what you need to take your business to new heights. The technologies we use for web development include

Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat is an ideal open source Java Authentication and Authorization server helping our developers build the best web applications for your business.

With Ewallet, you get the best platforms that make mobile payment a breeze.